Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Big Storm!

In case you haven't heard, there is a pretty big winter storm surging across north America so I hope everyone throws an extra log on the fire tonight.
Today, I took advantage of the "calm" before the storm and did some rearranging to my wood pile. I have a section of wood that is not under a roof so I spent the evening moving some of that wood under the roof of my wood shed. This area of the wood pile has a lot of smaller round logs I like to throw into the Hardy H2 to help the larger logs burn. Below is a picture of the wood shed and to the right is the wood I pulled from the snow and stacked under the roof. The small rounds I pulled are mostly maple and black cherry. The split wood to the far right is honey locust.

The shed was totally full of logs to start my burning season...that is four rows deep of wood. You can see how much I have burnt this year by how empty the shed looks now below. The logs I just moved into the shed are to the right in the picture below. Now that I have done this work, I am ready for the storm! Tonight the freezing rain and icing began covering my Hardy H2 in a small layer of ice. When I think about how the ice and snow builds up on the top of my Hardy H2...I'm impressed given it's holding 100 gallons of 170 degree (f) water! It's pretty nicely insulated!

Now I will wait and see how bad this storm is. If there are a lot of trees downed by the ice I have a feeling my phone may be ringing in the morning. A lot of people out my way know I am always looking for wood.

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