Friday, February 4, 2011

Firewood For Sale...I'm Rich!

I was at a local grocery store today and they had a display of bundled firewood out in front of their entrance. I pulled out my 8 year-old cell phone and snapped a quick picture to share with you.
I almost choked when I saw they were asking $5.99 each for these small bundles of wood! Holy Cow! First I thought to myself, "who would pay that much for such a small amount of firewood?" The bundle contained about 7 pieces of firewood which probably comprised of about two medium sized logs before split. As the old saying each, their own. By looking at the display rack the store was certainly selling them nicely. There were only about 5 bundles left. The advertisement said the firewood was kiln dried and was free of bugs and crumbs. Ugh...The indignity of stooping to the level of a person who would heat their house with wood. The filth! The smoke! Ugh.... I can imagine the poor manager of this store had probably fielded complaints from angry customers in the past because the firewood dropped a chunk of bark on their carpeting as they carried it to their fireplace. After too many people griping they decided to find a firewood supplier that would shake off all the loose bark. If I were to ever spend that much money for one of those firewood bundles it had better sing and dance for me before I toss it in the stove.

I did some quick calculations in my head and figured if this grocery store could sell this small bundle of firewood for $5.99...that makes me a MILLIONAIRE!!! Why am I burning my wood to heat my house? I need to shove my logs in a mesh potato sack and sell them to people shopping for milk and eggs!!


  1. I like your site. My earth woodstove is a good friend of mine. I'll be back, and thanks.

  2. Thanks Ed for the nice comments. I hope to see you around here again.


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