Thursday, December 29, 2011

Noodling With A Chainsaw

Hello Everyone!
I have mentioned in other posts about "noodling" a log if it is too big and heavy to pick up. I like to use this chainsaw technique when I am in the woods without a splitter. If I cut up a big tree and left with a bunch of logs that are too heavy for me to pick up I simply noodle them into smaller pieces. In the old days I would risk a certain trip to the chiropractor as I put all my muscle into lugging a huge round into the back of my truck. But, thanks to a Friend's advice, who is a very experienced woodcutter, I now simply noodle the log into quarters and load up the truck.
Noodling is not "cross cutting" where you are cutting across all the growth rings at the same time. Noodling is done by cutting along the log. This way you are only cutting through one grown ring at a time. Here are some videos below to better illustrate this technique.
Here is a quick video of Noodling. Notice the big noodles that your saw makes when you cut like this.

Here is another example of Noodling. This guy seems to be noodling for the fun of it but you get the idea. Notice how quick the noodles pile up. Oh yeah...Makita saws are made by Dolmar.

And last, here is a small Echo saw noodling a very large round. You can see how quick you can quarter up a huge log. The man in this video looks like he is noodling for fun as he makes extra cuts get the idea

I think the last video is pretty cool where you can see how quick a smaller saw can noodle through a huge round of hardwood. Many people freak out when they see this as they most likely have never seen cutting like this before. I was once the same way. Just remember Noodling is not cross cutting. Don't let anyone tell you different. If you have the time just type in "chainsaw Noodles" into YouTube and enjoy the show. There are hundreds of videos all for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from Ohio Woodburner!

Merry Christmas from OWB and his Dolmar 7900!

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