Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chainsaw Attack!!

Hello Everyone...
I was interested to see that a chainsaw was in the news last week. I was watching CNN and saw footage of an angry man in England who rushed into a pub with a running chainsaw. I suppose he was upset about something...or maybe it was bad timing for a tree removal. Anyhow, I understand that no one got hurt so this make things easier for us to joke about it. Not many of us have ever gotten so mad that we grab for a weapon...and if we did it was probably a stick or a rock. "Hey, a chainsaw will do!"
Here is the footage from the bar. The footage isn't Hollywood quality but you get the idea. Again, no one got hurt...there is no sit back and enjoy.

If you are walking down the street with a chainsaw in England, what side do you walk on? The right or left? Practically speaking I recognize a chainsaw is a very dangerous machine but I'm not sure how effective a weapon it would be. What if your victim ran? Could you run them down with a 14 pound Poulan in your hands? Or maybe this guy wasn't really going to slice up anyone but rather wanted quality points for his presentation? These are very important questions to ponder!
Safe Cutting!

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