Sunday, January 23, 2011

The 346XP Just Keeps Giving and Giving...

The weather in northeast Ohio is bitter cold. My thermometer read -1 degrees this morning...that's Fahrenheit for my international readers of this site!
While its very cold outside, the snow has held off giving me some time to do some woodpile maintenance to my stash of firewood. I spent some time moving logs into the wood shed, under the roof so they will be easier to reach when we get snow again. I have given up on using tarps to cover my wood stacked outside the wood shed. The tarps are too hard to pull back and fish out logs when there is 100 lbs of snow on top. When I need a log from one of my "outside" piles, I just bang the snow off and toss it in the furnace. While I was moving wood into the shed today I came across a section of logs that I fondly remembered cutting last spring. These were honey locust logs from a huge tree I cut up less than a mile from my farm. The reason I remember these logs was because of the beauty of their grain, their color, the pleasant aroma...not to mention the area where I was cutting was just awesome scenery. I was on the edge of a farmers field, next to an old farm house and it's barns and out-buildings. I was far away from people, no city, just me, my truck, and my saws. Below is a picture from that day. I posted this picture before but I think it's nice to look here it is again!

This honey locust score was also one of the first chances I had to run my then new saw, the Husqvarna 346XP and...if you love and appreciate saws like me...the experience was one of those that you just don't want to end. The 346XP is simply a joy to run. It is smooth, powerful and nimble. All I want to do is run this saw all day long. The weather was mild as it was early March and the earliest hints of spring, and all its changes, were just peeking out from all around. I still recall how bright the yellow heartwood of the locust looked and how bright it contrasted against the still grey, early spring surroundings.

Anyhow...that is what I found in my wood pile today. A log and a happy memory of when I brought it home. Thinking about it now, I bet I could identify every log in my wood pile and tell you when and where I got it. Probably I could tell you what saw I cut it with too. I suppose some people would not understand how I could speak of my wood cutting like this but, if you are like me and love this lifestyle...or hobby as I like to call it...only we know how addicting this can be.

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