Sunday, December 21, 2008

What I want for Christmas

Here is a short Christmas list I have made. These don't appear in any order of importance.

1. Peace on Earth (now that I got that out of the way)

2. Someone to show me how to sharpen a chain correctly. I am good at butchering them but that's about it.

3. A new Husky for limbing...nothing special...about a $200 saw with a 14 inch bar. I swear by the 14 inch bar

4. A safety helmet with earmuffs and a face screen. I am a big proponent of safety.

5. Two extra leafs on my F 150's rear axle.

6. 12 pick-up truck loads of firewood mysteriously appearing in my woodshed...neatly stacked.

7. Someone on of check my OWB at 2:00am when I worry the fire has gone out.

8. A buddy with a strong back to help me cut wood. Cutting wood by yourself is not advised.

9. A nice pair of safety sun glasses.

10. A nice pair of steel toe shoes, comfortable please.

11. Someone to believe me when I say Poulan's are a good buy for cutting wood. I love the Poulan. You will never hear me say anything bad about them.


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