Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting Results

I find trees to cut. I load up the truck with my saws, wedges and safety equipment. I drive to the trees. I cut up the trees. I load them in the truck. I drive home. I back up to the woodshed. I unload the logs. I make my neat woodpile. I repeat this again on a later day.
That gets me results. I do the labor and my results can be seen out in my side yard in the form of a hulking pile of firewood. Maybe all this is what makes me enjoy heating with wood and my OWB. I do the work, I see the results. I don't do the work, we all freeze in the winter. Come to think of it, I don't think there is anything else that I do in life that gives me the same results oriented outcome than my woodcutting for my Hardy H2. At my day job I do something good for the company...nobody seems to care or notice. I come up with a great idea to make the company more boss shoots it down because he didn't think of it first. At home, I preach the virtue of children fight with each other and argue. My VCR blinks 12:00 AM, my friends never come over to visit, my gun club doesn't mail me my monthly newsletter, McDonald's charged me .40 cents for extra tartar sauce on my know how it goes. But the wood cuts nicely into 30 inch rounds and stacks nicely in the shed. It burns when you put it in the firebox.
Today is my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I'm thinking of buying them a rick of firewood. Smokin

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