Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting Started cont.


I'm not the most experienced blogger in the world and to be honest I never immersed myself into the blogosphere enough to realize what the heck I'm doing. The fact with me and my OWB is that it is already installed and I obviously won't be giving a daily detail of each step I have incurred while purchasing, installing and all the other stuff that goes along with this smoker. I won't bore you with going back in time and blogging a fictional OWB installation again as if it is currently happening. You already know the truth and I have moved on with my relationship with my OWB being that it is three years old. However, where I am today came by way of a lot of steps, successes, and failures that make me a current experienced OWB owner. But also I don't want to ignore my story of my pre-OWB life but rather I want to share it with you. I intend this blog to be a "pulp fiction" style story interspersing my current day OWB happenings with "Lost" (Thursday nights on ABC) style flashbacks of my installation, the first time I fired it up, the wood cutting, the broken ankle...all of that.

What I plan on doing is posting all my pictures of the installation which should give an accurate account of all that I had to do to provide my house with free heat. The pictures, however, will most likely have to wait until after Christmas since these are all on an old PC that is not compatible with my USB flash drive. A remedy is the new 2G memory card for my wife's camera, that she will open on Christmas, in which I can download the pics on it, and upload onto our new PC. Vista stinks by the way.

My topics for this blog are plenty. Of course there is the OWB itself, how it works, my likes, dislikes etc. But also I have become an expert on chainsaws and woodcutting in which I can share with you and I have developed an armchair arborist hobby in which I have developed a new love for trees, the different species, which make good firewood, which don't. I also am proud of my truck, which if you want an OWB, you have to own a good truck...mine is the greatest...btw. There is also a lot to write of the current political climate in which the EPA is attacking the OWB owners. I wrote a nasty letter to the Ohio EPA that I want to share with you. Anything we do in life should be done with responsibility to ourselves, and our neighbors and the same is so with owning an OWB. You must be a responsible owner and avoid causing issues with your neighbors. It is because of some selfish, irresponsible OWB owners that we currently are fighting the EPA.

I will continue to update my profile and adjust my settings, format etc. Let me know what you think. Smokin

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