Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Load of Wood...A Work of Art

Hello Everyone...
Our unseasonably warm weather in Northeast Ohio has become seasonably cold. The nice weather I wrote of has since gone away...maybe to never return until July. We shall see. Today I had a "typical" wood score but was in a very interesting area of NE Ohio many of you may not be aware of. You area...the greater Youngstown home of one of the most prestigious art museums in the USA. The Butler Institute of American Art! Hey, why not get in some nice pictures while I'm hauling wood? Sounds like a good idea to me.
Today I received a call from my brother-in-law whose co-worker had a big oak tree cut down last fall. He was going to make his own firewood but decided he was tired looking at the large rounds 6 months later. So...I loaded up the Ford F 150 and drove out to his neck of the woods. These logs are showing a little rot but they have a lot of good fire wood left in them for next burning season. Here is a picture of my score once I lugged them into my truck.

In the next picture you can see my gloves sitting on top of the last log...hmm...why am I pointing out my gloves? Seems harmless enough!

Once The Truck was loaded up I pulled out into traffic to head home. As I came up to speed I watched as my gloves blew off onto the road. least it wasn't a Husqvarna or Dolmar! So...I pulled into a large parking lot totally focused on my gloves and planning my approach to running into traffic to retrieve them. When I exited my truck I soon noticed I was in the parking lot of a satellite branch of the Butler Institute of American Art! Hey...a 1977 F 150...a load of cut oak...sounds like art to me! I pulled out my Droid and snapped some opportunistic pictures of my own work of art!

Their parking lot has a variety of sculptures that are open to interpretation of what they are or what they represent. Still I thought the message the sculpture was trying to convey was more elucidated by the contrasting palate of my truck and its organic payload.

I drove the parking lot and hopped out to take photos. I had a blast. Today this branch was closed but certainly I would have gone in and further explored my artistic needs.

Being sufficiently distracted I soon remembered what I was in the parking lot to begin gloves! I walked out towards the road and shuffled down the sidewalk for about a 200 yard walk to my poor pair of gloves being pasted into the road by indifferent drivers.

Ah...there's one. Its mate was a little closer to the center line but both now are back in my truck and resting. Just another day...another load of oak, a truck, and an art museum.
Safe Cutting!

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