Monday, November 12, 2012

Splitting and Stacking

Hello Everyone... * As the wise man once said, "lift with your brain, not your back." I took that advice to heart this year and enlisted...not as much in the brain department...the backs of my family members to help with the huge pile of firewood I had accumulated over this year. Up until this day, the majority, if not all of my firewood processing was done by me but after I got behind this year, for a lot of reasons, I was happy to see such a large turnout of willing helpers. Yes, we provided dinner and refreshments, but since we all got through the day with all our fingers and toes in their proper places I consider this a successful day. * Since I have a big saw, the Dolmar 7900, I have been able to bring home bigger rounds of firewood. This in turn caused me to split more of my wood by hand. This in turn caused me to purchase a Troy Bilt 27 ton log splitter to help whittle these rounds down to usable pieces. Below are some picture of our day. *
* Below is the Troy Bilt 27 ton splitter. It has proven to be very reliable and powerful.
* The shed is full but I still have a lot of stacking to do.
* Ohio had awesome weather for this day. High 60's. We had to stop our work at dark so I have more stacking to do. Once I am completed I will post the finished product of Woodpile 2013. OWB

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