Monday, March 19, 2012

Ohio Heat Wave

Hello Everyone...
So...what is a Woodburner supposed to do when Northeast Ohio weather becomes tropical? The usual wet, cold, snowy mid-March weather we are used to has changed to something entirely different. It's hot, dry, and sunny! The weather has been so nice it made me do something I have never done before...I shut down my Hardy H2 for the season...on March 17th. Wow...I usually go well into April...Easter...before I can shut Smokey down. This left me wondering...What is OWB supposed to do with the days remaining in March and April? Not visiting my furnace twice a day may leave an empty spot in my life...Nah, I'll just put on my typical Ohio winter clothes and go hang out at the wood shed.

Will this heat wave break and our Ohio weather return to normal? Are we due another dumping of 3 feet of snow before Easter? I think I'll just hang out here at the furnace and ponder these questions. Until then...keep the fires burning until I come in.


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