Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fiskars Super Splitter

I have added a new tool to my firewood procurement activities. Behold the Fiskars Super Splitter (FSS). I have heard a lot about this little gem from a number of people but have never seen one nor had one in my hands to experience what all the excitement is about. For as long as I have been splitting wood my choices have been the venerable sledge and wedge…and the reliable 8 pound maul. The Fiskars Super Splitter is much lighter at 4 ½ pounds and, much unlike a maul, has a razor sharp edge to it…and I mean RAZOR sharp! If you split with a maul you appreciate the semi-blunt edge so if you’re chopping swing fails to split the log, the maul won’t become helplessly stuck in the wood. You would think the Fiskars' would be a pain from getting stuck all time but I have found the razor edge of the FSS works to your advantage because of the non stick coating on its head. This is a precision made tool let me tell you! Up the sides of the Fiskars’ head are two castings that help split the log as the edge is sunk into its target.

I have seen the Fiskars Super Splitter priced between $30 and $70 at local retailers and on line. I bought mine for $30 on with free shipping. That is how much a no-name 8 pound maul costs. The Fiskars claims the handle is indestructible and the head is guaranteed for life to not become loose. I am now starting to haul in my wood from my late summer cutting so I will be able to give this fellow a workout. I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. The secret in the Fiskars axe is the way the axe head is sloped. Traditional axeheads have "V"-shaped profiles with flat sides, so as the axe cuts through the wood, all of the axehead's surface area is rubbing against the wood and adds to friction. Fiskars' cutting surface is not only short, but the sides of the "V" are not straight, but somewhat concave... more like "Y" shaped. Thus only a fraction of the axehead rubs against the wood at any point of the strike, adding a lot to the effective striking power as less energy is wasted on friction. And, of course, making it a lot easier to get a stuck the axe out of the wood.


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