Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dolmar 7900

Say hello to my little friend!
Well, the deed is done. I added the Dolmar 7900 to my stable of chainsaws. Through my experiences cutting wood I recognized the need for a bigger saw, a longer bar, and something really cool. Let me tell you…there isn’t a better, more powerful chainsaw for the money in the world than the Dolmar 7900. Not only does the Dolmar win a trophy for its good looks, it is unmatched in its power, performance and price tag for a professional grade saw. Dolmars are made in Germany and they have been making gas powered chainsaws for over 80 years. They lack the market presence that Stihl or Husqvarna have but don't let that prevent you from buying one. Dolmar's are a superb machine and have earned their respect in the woods.
Last year I blogged about my experience with a loaned 7900 and I was very impressed. I immediately recognized how much more productive my woodcutting would be if I had a saw such as this one. Please know that I love all chainsaws…it doesn’t matter if it is a Stihl, Husqvarna, Poulan, Echo or Fisher Price…I love them all. I have looked around and tried different saws, spoke with a lot of informed people and just knew the Dolmar was for me.
Here is my obligatory picture of my new purchase in front of the fireplace. Yes, I went with the HD filter upgrade because I plan to do some milling with this saw.

The next picture below is a close up. From this side you can see the decompression valve. It's the blue button just left of the started rope. The decompression valve helps make starting the saw easier as it releases cylinder compression when you are pulling on the rope. When the saw fires up, the valve closes. Pretty slick. This Dolmar is 79 cc and weighs around 18 pounds with the bar and chain. It is rated at 6.3 horsepower and will run around 13,500 rpm's. You can also see the HD filter and how it is held on with two clips. This makes access to your air filter easy when you are in the tools necessary. I went with a 24 inch bar and an Oregon LGX chain.

So...I know what you're asking. How did it run? Well, it ran like a monster. My first time with the Dolmar I cut up a big locust I had tangled with in the spring. It measured 26 inches but the "Big Red Machine" quickly dispatched the log into rounds of firewood. What I love about this saw is, yes it is very powerful, but at the same time has the best anti-vibration (av) of any saw I have ever run. This includes the Husqvarna 372 XP and the Stihl MS 440. Here is a picture of the locust I broke the Dolmar in with.

Don't be confused with its Husqvarna bar. I saved a couple bucks going with it. Hey...every penny counts! I complained the first two tanks of fuel I ran through this saw that the exhaust fumes were potent and gave me a headache. As the saw has broken in I have noticed the fumes are less and I haven't experienced any need for aspirin. I am just hoping this was from its break-in as I have used the same can of mix for it.

When you cut big wood, unless you are superhuman, the rounds are too big to lift into your truck so a little trick is to cut the logs into quarters buy "noodling" them with the saw. The Dolmar 7900 may be the best noodler in the business. To noodle you lay the log on its side like your are going to roll it. You then lay your bar from end to end and cut thru the log. This makes long, curly shavings...or "noodles" that accumulate on the ground.

Here is a picture of a locust round I had just noodled. Pretty sweet looking!


A big saw like the Dolmar 7900 may not be something you need or want but I hope this gives you some ideas for a saw to fit your needs. Compared to other saws in its class the Dolmar is relatively light. But to be lugging it around all day you have to admit it is a little heavy. You wouldn't be using this saw to prune or limb trees all day long. This saw is for bucking big wood and felling big trees. You can't imagine how powerful this saw is until you use it. If your previous chainsaw experience is with a little green Poulan or would not imagine how this saw cuts until you put it in your own hands. Please, if you run a chainsaw, wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) . Safe cutting should be your goal and its the only way you can come back tomorrow and run your saw some more.

Now if you will excuse me...I have some big trees to cut up.



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