Friday, October 2, 2009

Ash Time

I made a major score this week with wood. A farmer...less than 1 mile from my house just bulldozed down about 40 trees that separated his two fields. The majority of them are ash...some cherry, some oak...but mostly ash. The are laid out in a hay field, no mud, no rocks. All the trees are lined up in a row...all waiting for me to cut them up. I have been hauling out load after load for the entire week. This has been the most fun I have had since I can remember.
I have been cutting the tops and the big wood. I probably won't have to split much but I am sure I will have some that will need split. Ash, I hear, is an excellent burns hot and splits easy. Honestly, from all the wood I have ever burned up in my Hardy, I have never dealt with Ash. My wood pile is getting pretty big these days. I haven't stacked it yet...its just a big unmanaged pile in and around my shed. I won't organize it until the weather cools. I don't see the need to overheat myself...I did that enough this summer cutting and hauling logs.

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