Sunday, October 18, 2009

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It is getting cold again tonight...25 (f) degrees. The chickens' water had ice on it this morning. I have still put off the initial firing of the Hardy for the season. The weather man is predicting 70's this week so I am electing to save my wood and get as close to November as possible.
Here is a site I frequent and I want to share with you. It is

I am on it daily and I have really learned a lot and further developed my interests with my hobbies of OWB's, chainsaws, and firewood. Check it out. I am usually in the Firewood forum and the Chainsaw forum. I have also purchased things from the site sponsors and I have had only good experiences with them. Give it a visit.
I caught a little bit of the sniffles this weekend and that, along with the rain kept me from cutting any wood. I have at least three more ash trees to get before I mothball the truck for the winter. I also have a small pile of logs by my wood shed that need cut. I am saving those for last so I can run all the gas out of my saws before I mothball them. I don't cut wood in the winter as my truck is not one to take into the woods on anything but dry ground. With the supercab and the 8 ft. bed, it is notorious for poor traction.
I promise to start posting more pics in my future postings. I have to take a bunch of pictures of my wood shed and of "Woodpile 2009." Have a great week. I also want to share with you some product reviews of my new saw and personal protection equipment (PPE).

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  1. I have not fired my H2 yet either, building a paver patio around my Hardy. See you over on Arboristsite soon, iCreek.


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