Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been a bit under the weather and haven't had the energy to sit at the computer and write. Even though I appreciate everyone's support with this blog...I still find writing difficult when my eyes and nose are burning and my throat scratchy.
This current cold I have reminds me of another reality with an OWB. My Hardy doesn't seem to care how I am feeling, if I am confined to the bed with the flu, have two broken legs...whatever...the OWB needs fed wood or he will simply quit working for me. If you heat with gas, all you have to do is pay your monthly bill, lay in bed, and suffer. With an OWB, you have to drag your sorry behind out of bed, trudge out to the woodshed, and fill the Hardy with logs. Sometimes I wonder if all the work I do to heat my house is worth it. Maybe this is the wrong question to ask when I am in the dumps...but still I go out there and toss in the logs. Of course my wife is here to help...but everyone's situation is different. We all worry about catastrophic injury that would keep us from earning a paycheck and paying the bills...but with an OWB, you have to realize that a minor illness or a major catastrophe (broken leg etc) can really crimp your ability to have a warm house.
I hope to be back on my feet here in a couple days and back to my old, happy and motivated self...and by then I hope to get back up to speed with my posts. Of course you are all welcome to come over and toss in some logs for me...or if you prefer you can write a post for this blog. I never turn away free help!

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