Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where Did the Snow Go?

We finally had a couple warm days. The cold snap has broke. Yesterday the mercury broke 50 and we are expecting the same today. Most of the snow is gone except for the large piles on either side of the driveway and small patches here and there in the yard. Now I am back to dealing with the mud. The yard is squishy and mucky but all my wood is dry. I am going to take this break from the cold and snow to rearrange my wood pile. During the cold snap and deep snow I only took wood from one area of my pile. Today I am going to restack my wood by moving the logs from the back of the woodshed and placing them on the stones that surround my furnace. This way I won't have to walk thru the mud to get my wood each day. I am also going to work on those large elm logs behind my shed. If I can get a couple more of those split I will be in good shape.
Yesterday I let the wood in the firebox burn down to the grates so I took that opportunity to flip and rotate my grates. I moved the center grate to the front and front grate to the rear. I put the rear grate, alas, in the middle. When I was moving them I flipped the front and rear grates since I noticed they were sagging a little. When I flipped the grates, all the coals that rested on them fell into the ash bin. I dug out these coals and dumped them back on top of the grates...then I put in some small round logs to help build up my fire again. Finally, I threw in a paper grocery bag of old bills and personal papers that normal people would have shred. My paper shredder is a little different than most...It is a Hardy H2.

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