Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Cutting. More Hauling

I have cut up some more of the locust tree I had blogged about last week. The weather here in northeast Ohio has been real hot. Still I wanted to run my saws and make sure they are in good order going into the cutting season. Cutting season for me is spring thru fall.
I have finally identified this type of tree...its a honey locust. This type of locust is known to be tough splitting but burns real hot. I love the color of this wood but noticed it loses its yellow hue after it sets for a couple days. It's a pretty big tree, this picture below is of my 455 Rancher with an 18 inch bar. The main trunk of this tree is much bigger than what you see here.

This next picture is of my 346 awesome saw BTW...and it is resting atop a round I had just "noodled" into two halves. Noodling is when you lay your round log on the ground as if you were going to roll the log. You lay your bar across the log, from its base to its top, and you cut with the grain. This type of cut makes long curly shavings, or noodles. Hence the name. You DO NOT want to set the log on its if you were going to use it as a stool and cut down on the flat end. This doesn't work as effective as noodling does and you will quickly dull your chain. Again, here is my hot rod saw in a staged shot sitting proud by the log it just noodled. Notice the noodles just under the saw.

Finally, here is my small load for the day. It isn't much wood but it was too hot to deal with the big stuff. I will get that this weekend when the weather is supposed to cool off. I love the grain and color of these logs. Almost too pretty to burn.
This tree is on the site of an old farmhouse a local farmer friend had tore down. He bulldozed down a couple trees in the process and offered them up to me. There isn't that much wood but still I am grateful for the score. I love running my saws and can't think of a better way to spend my time, if not with baseball, than loading up my truck and heading to the woods with my saws.

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