Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wood to Burn

I took a couple snap shots of my wood shed today. I thought these pictures would be a good way to show how much wood I have burnt through this winter. The woodshed you are looking at measures 16' by 8' and I stack the wood about 6 feet tall inside it. This comes out to about 6 cords of wood under the roof. This isn't the only pile of wood I have pulled from this season because in the fall I had about a half cord of pine that I used first before the weather turned cold. In the fall and spring I use my small logs and pine to burn since this stuff burns up too fast in the cold weather. I think I use about 12 cords of wood each burning season, which is a lot of wood when you think about it. An outdoor wood burner uses A LOT of wood...much more than a fireplace or woodstove. Also, keep in mind that I didn't fire up my Hardy H2 until after Halloween this fall due to the warm weather in October and into November. Given everything, I think I'm doing pretty good in my usage so far. I'm happy...I know the gas man isn't!
* are a couple views of my wood pile as it looked today. I keep four rows of wood under the roof and a fifth row to the right of this picture. The unmanaged pile in the foreground is fresh cut stuff from this fall. I will be moving these into the wood shed after burning season for next winter.

I would estimate that I am half-way through my supply in the wood shed. Keep in mind that I have about three times this amount in strategic piles around my shed that you cannot see in these pictures. Most of the wood I cut this past year came late in the fall and needs to season before I burn it up. I suppose, if I were running short on wood, I could burn the green stuff but that is the luxury of having a wood pile as big as mine now. I probably have about another two years of wood cut up...and that is not counting what I hope to get this next year. Cutting up firewood has become my most favorite hobby...well maybe a close second to baseball, but its something I look forward to doing at any chance I can get.

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  1. 12 cords holy smokes! I have only burned about 3 cords since we fired up. Then again my house is only 2400 SF and we do not heat the basement. Either way I will pretend like I need 12 cords and cut accordingly. A guy cutting that much wood really needs to buy a 346 XP, so I will :-)
    On the round logs from yesterday's ppost, what about dry time? Obviously a split piece wil dry better, so do you do anything different for seasoning rounds? Also I have some green wood that I needed to burn, so I just put some dry logs down then a big green one and it lasts a long time!


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