Friday, January 9, 2009

WInter Storm Warning

I don't have much to say today. A big snowstorm is coming to northeast Ohio. This should be our first decent accumulation for the year. In preparation for the snow I have moved some wood into my shed that I have been ready to burn. I leave a little area in my shed for just this reason. This way I don't have to get my gloves wet digging in snow for a log to burn.
I am hoping I can get thru this burning season with at least my wood shed still full of wood. I really did a lot of cutting in the summer and have a pretty large stash of firewood. This is the most I have ever had. If spring comes and my shed is still full, that would be a big psychological boost for me when I fire up the saws in the spring. I have been told to keep a two year supply of wood on hand at all times but I honestly don't ever see that happening...that would be a HUGE amount of logs.
Here is a photo I took of my stash for this winter. I took this picture from my upstairs bathroom...this should also give you an idea of how far I have my OWB from the house...about 50 feet. The back of my shed is facing North. The Hardy is just about 5 foot tall and most of my woodpile is taller than the furnace. The logs on the left of the picture are facing West and I stack them to make a wind and snow break. These will be burnt in the spring when the threat of snow diminishes. The opening to the firebox is facing the woodshed...that way I can stand under the roof when admiring my Hardy. If you look closely at the woodpile, you can see the nice cherry wood I cut up this summer. It has the deep reddish tint to it. The light color wood is mostly maple, elm and beech.

This is the same picture I have at the top of my homepage but I thought it would be easier for you to see my set up in a larger format. Enjoy. All of this wood was a lot of work...I can look at this woodpile and know that my hands have touched every single one of the logs you see. Now, I have to go out in the barn and fire up the snow blower.

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