Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Storm Rages On

The storm hit. Here is what my Hardy and the woodshed looked like this morning. You can scroll down to yesterday's post to see what this picture looked like just before burning season. Northeast Ohio is supposed to get an inch of snow an hour today...until 1am Sunday morning. The wood I am burning today is under the roof of my shed, just out of the snow. You can also see the small dent I have put into my woodpile so far this season. Not too bad...but wood goes fast. It has been pretty cold this winter, much colder than last year.


  1. Ohio Woodburner,

    Your comment down further in the page about a pile of wood telling a story is sooo true. I amaze myself and sometimes others, by remembering what tree a piece of wood came from and where I got it. BTW, nice blog (I linked to it from your post on

  2. Great site, I appreciate ready about your H2 as I have one also... The updated photo (snow) is awesome, keep up your comments and working the wood pile.


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