Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where's My Wood Pile?


Northeast Ohio was socked by a pretty sizable snow fall this week as the cold air from Canada passed over Lake Erie. In our neck of the woods this phenomenon is known as Lake Effect Snow. When Erie is unfrozen the passing cold air picks up moisture rising from the warmer lake and...whoa! what happened? Where did all this snow come from? Above is a picture of my wood shed. You can see the smoke stack of the Hardy in the middle.
A common theme I keep harping on with my hobby is I made my wood shed about half as big as it should have been. Call it a mis-calculation during the planning phase of just how much wood a Hardy H2 will eat thru in order to keep our house toasty warm during Ohio's infamous winters. This mis-calculation resulted in much of my wood sitting uncovered during burning season. What I have done to compensate for this is to throw my dry logs into the firebox first and toss some snowy logs on top. By the time the snowy logs work their way down to the grates for their time to burn they are pretty much kiln dried. Also, I have given up on using tarps to cover my wood piles because, for me, they created too much work having to pull them back with a hundred pounds of white stuff on them in order to fish out a usable log. Its easier for me to just knock the snow off a log and toss it in.

But this recent snow has really set me back with my usual plan. This stuff is deep. It is above my boots. I had to cut a path to the Hardy in order to keep my boots from filling with snow. The weather man is predicting another round of lake-effect snow next week so I don't think this stuff will be going away any time soon. Despite much of my logs being buried in snow, I feel pretty good about the organization of my wood shed. I know what I want burnt up and I have next years wood ready to be moved into the shed so it will be nice and dry for next winter. But as for now, I will just pull wood from the shed until we get a couple warm days to melt off the snow. I think my logs are in there somewhere.

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  1. Merry Christmas.
    I continue to enjoy your Hardy posts.
    I share the same stove. Also I finally doubled the size of my woodshed as you surely will eventually.
    I almost lost the Hardy this past summer. I had to have a welder for 3 days patch the front where the SS had started to leak water. Far cheaper than 14K for an emissions legal new stove!
    Have a great new year!
    David, NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont
    (Formerly from Erie)


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