Sunday, December 6, 2009

Organizing the Wood Pile

My woodpile for this season isn't that pretty to look at. Don't think it is because I'm lazy...because I'm not...but this year I got my wood in huge spurts and when I was cutting so much, I didn't have the time to stack when I was unloading my truck. Result...the pile got away from me this year. This picture was taken from my upstairs bathroom and you can compare it to earlier photos I took of my Hardy and the wood shed. Of course the wood shed is too of my planning miscalculations when I installed this OWB. You can see the Hardy in the center of the pile. I stack wood around it to serve as a wind break and snow fence.

I am sorry for the shadow as it makes the pile a little hard to see. My pile goes farther to the left of this picture. All the wood to the left is ash, and the small split pile in the center too is ash. In an earlier post I wrote about a big score this fall with a farmer's field, mostly ash, and this is the result. The split stuff was with my new Collins Maul. That was a lot of fun.
Here is another photo of my wood pile. Here my house is to my right and I am looking east. In the foreground is ash. Against the woodshed is maple. Everything else is black cherry and a little oak.

My plan this year is to burn everything in the shed and then replace that with what is on the grass. Most of my wood in the shed is a year old and I am not pleased with my older maple logs as they are starting to turn punky. I split an old maple log yesterday and it had a mushroom growing inside it. Not a good sign. Each day the weather is nice I am outside organizing the pile. If I took a picture today I think you would notice my progress. So far this season we haven't had snow and that has made managing my wood pile nice. It's satisfying to me to know that my hands have touched every single log you see in this picture. That's a lot of work for "free" heat!

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